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Working with Children and Young People

Campbell, Anne / Broadhead, Pat (eds)

Working with Children and Young People

Ethical Debates and Practices Across Disciplines and Continents

Series: New International Studies in Applied Ethics - Volume 5

Year of Publication: 2011

Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2011. 313 pp., num. tables and graphs
ISBN 978-3-03430-121-3 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

This book provides an interdisciplinary perspective on working with young people, focusing on education, health and social work, and draws on projects and perspectives from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia. The volume highlights the ethical challenges and dilemmas as these and other services are integrated and addresses how ethical practices are confronted and shared across disciplines.
The first section looks at professional practice; the second foregrounds children’s and young people’s voices and is especially concerned with children and young people as co-researchers. Subjects addressed within the text include sex education, health education, custodial care, confidentiality and gaining consent, ethical issues around ICT and researching with vulnerable populations.
The book is intended for both scholars and practitioners. It places examples in clearly articulated theoretical frameworks as well as considering professional principles and practice.


Contents: Anne Campbell/Pat Broadhead: Introduction – Avril Brock/Carolynn Rankin/Louise Boyle Swiniarski: Are we doing it by the book? Professional ethics for teachers and librarians in the early years – Anne Campbell/Doug Martin: Every Child Matters: New ethical challenges arising in schools – Angela Anning: Research with vulnerable people: The importance of sensitivity – Pam Nason/Anne Hunt: Pedagogy as an ethical encounter: How does it look in our professional practice? – Bruce Johnson: Maintaining professional ethics during a ‘moral panic’ over sex education: A case study – Bridget Cooper: Valuing the human in the design and use of technology in education: An ethical approach to the digital age of learning – Susan Groundwater-Smith: The dilemmas we face: Designing a curriculum for vulnerable children in short-term care – Dorothy Bottrell: Shifting perspectives, representations and dilemmas in work with young people – Emma Ramsden/Phil Jones: Children as active agents in gaining and giving assent: Involving children as co-researchers – Liz Webster/Pat Broadhead: Their life, their choice: Ethical challenges for supporting children and young people in the self-management of Type 1 diabetes – Kaye Johnson: Promoting ethical understandings in child co-researchers – Jo Armistead: Reflecting on ethical considerations around young children’s engagement when researching children’s perspectives – Bridget Cooper: Developing an ethic of care with children and young people: Opportunities and challenges – Pat Broadhead/Anne Campbell: New ethical horizons: Lessons learned for changing practices.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Anne Campbell is Professor of Professional Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research interests are in practitioner research, professional learning and ethics.
Pat Broadhead is Professor of Playful Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research interests are in practitioner research, playful pedagogies and ethics.


New International Studies in Applied Ethics. Vol. 5
Edited by R. John Elford and Simon Robinson