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Globalisms and Power

Paraskeva, João M. / Torres Santomé, Jurjo (eds.)

Globalisms and Power

Iberian Education and Curriculum Policies

Series: Global Studies in Education - Volume 14

Year of Publication: 2012

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. XXII, 251 pp.
ISBN 978-1-4331-1553-0 pb.  (Softcover)
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Book synopsis

Globalisms and Power examines the effects neoliberal globalization is having on Spanish and Portuguese educational and curriculum policies and practices. The book dissects the nexus between globalization (or globalisms) and power under a global policy momentum, and analyzes how neoliberal globalization strategies eagerly led by nongovernmental institutions determine the educational agenda in each nation. Both Portugal and Spain were subjugated by military dictatorships for more than four decades: their education systems were laced with an authoritarian, militaristic, racist, and xenophobic ideology. Both countries’ secular authoritarian and conservative religious traditions are now dangerously entangled with the demands of neoliberal ideologies.
Shedding light on how education and curriculum policies and practices are determined and how they, in turn, determine the dynamics of ideological production in society, this book unmasks the massive artillery borrowed from the private sector to fix public education and lays bare the fact that nothing is natural, normal, or inevitable in this corporate global momentum.


Contents: João M. Paraskeva/Jurjo Torres Santomé: Introduction: Pouring Old Philosophical Wine into New Ideological Bottles: Globalisms and the Rebooting of Mankind’s Revolution – Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Globalizations – Rafael Feito Alonso: Secondary Education in Spain – João Formosinho/Joaquim Machado: Democratic Governance of Public Mass Schools in Portugal – Gloria Braga Blanco/José Luis San Fabián Maroto: Crisis and Trends in Spanish Universities: The Bologna Process, Year Zero – João Menelau Paraskeva: Bologna Process(ors): Knowing Very Well What They Are Doing, but Still Doing It – José Gimeno Sacristán: The Professional Career for Teachers – Maria Alfredo Moreira/Flávia Vieira: Preservice Teacher Education in Portugal: The Transformative Power of Local Reform – José Félix Angulo/César Bernal: ICT as a Discourse of Salvation – Lia Raquel Oliveira: National Technology Plan for Education and Public Schooling: Myths, Limits, and False Promises – José Bravo Nico/Lurdes Pratas Nico: Official Discourses in the Educational Systems: Competencies - The New Curriculum Password? Juan Bautista Martínez Rodríguez: Competencies: The Key to the New Curriculum – Miguel Lopez Melero: Disability and Education: Transforming Difficulties into Possibilities – Jurjo Torres Santomé: Curricular Tensions and the Struggle for Justice in Neoliberal Times – Cathryn Teasley: Deconstructing Discourses on Racism in Educational Contexts in Spain: Along a Continuum of Racialization, New and Old – Jaime Rivière/Mariano Fernández Enguita: Social Class and Education in Spain – Ana Sánchez Bello: Gendered Agenda in Education.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

João M. Paraskeva is Associate Professor of Social and Educational Policy, and Curriculum Theory and senior researcher at the Center for Policy Analysis at the School of Education, Public Policy and Civic Engagement at UMass Dartmouth. His latest book is Conflicts in Curriculum Theory. Challenging Hegemonic Epistemologies (2011).
Jurjo Torres Santomé is Professor of Curriculum Studies and Education Policy at the University of Corunha, Spain. He has published comprehensively in the area of educational policy, curriculum and evaluation.


«João M. Paraskeva and Jurjo Torres Santomé’s edited collection Globalisms and Power: Iberian Educational and Curriculum Policies, is an insightful and timely critique of the diverse and destructive ways in which neoliberalism has penetrated the heart of education and curriculum policy and practice.» (Susan L. Robertson, University of Bristol, UK)


Global Studies in Education. Vol. 14
General Editors: Athlone C. (Tina) Besley, Cameron McCarthy, Michael A. Peters and Fazal Rizvi